Manufacturer and Distributor of Evaporative Air Coolers

Proven in Harsh conditions in World wide

HKT Super Cool has been providing homes, school, factories etc with state of the art, efficient cooling systems for over 60 years.

Developed and tested in Pakistan, one of the harshest climates in the world, HKT Super Cool coolers have been specifically designed for the Europe and Asia cooling market.

Introduction Of Evaporative Cooler

  • The Evaporation Air Cooler is designed to provide comfort and relief from the heat in those Situations and places where other types of cooling are more costly or where it is simply not possible to implement them.
  • Air Cooler are not like air conditioners with compressor and Freon gas. They cool the air By means of water evaporation. Which works best in hot dry climates. The temperature decrease will be smaller in more humid climates because the higher the humidity is the less evaporation can occur and so not so much cooling achieved.
  • Air Cooler should not be used in enclosed spaces. It must be kept in level and there must be water in the tank. The room should have open doors and windows to allow the air to circuits the air . which then leaves via door.

HKT Super Cool Quality

We place enormous importance on continually improving design, engineering and manufacturing processes using premium quality materials. All HKT Super Cool units are quality tested before they leave our factory, and are supported by a customer service and spare parts division.

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About HKT Super Cool

As a leader in the field of international evaporative air cooler industry, HKT has developed 11 series with more than 80 kinds of air coolers with airflow from 800m3/h to 120,000m3/h.
Our evaporative cooling products sell worldwide. We are producing domestic, commercial, and industrial evaporation air coolers.
HKT coolers have been designed and manufactured to provide effective and efficient cooling to Pakistan’s harsh environments. Whether you are looking for the whole of home cooling or industrial, HKT Super cool can satisfy your needs.