HKT Super Cool (SP18i)


1) Good system design, the evaporation area is reasonably matching with air volume for best cooling effects (based on different climates, the supply air difference could be 5-15℃

2) Using high efficient cooling pads with large evaporation capacity, good cooling efficiency at 90%

3) Using high quality aluminum housing motor, with good heat dissipation, high protection grade, waterproof, moisture proof

4) With special airfoil fan designed for evaporation air cooler, large airflow with low noise.

5) The cooling pad frame could be disassembled easily for clean and maintenance

6) Original open water distribution system to ensure the water supply system is not blocked

7) With auto function, regularly remove dirt to ensure water clean. Cooling effects could be guaranteed and the cooling pad’s life could be extended, also maintenance could be reduced.

8) Self-developed high quality water pump ensures stable water supply. And water lack protection ensures that pump could be protected

9) Different models from small airflow to large airflow, which can meet different requirements in different applications.